Selected Papers from Urban Transport of China: 2018-2020
Selected Papers from Urban Transport of China: 2018-2020

Founded in November 2003, Urban Transport of China is the only one comprehensive academic science and technology journal in the field of urban transportation in China. It is administered by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (MOHURD) and sponsored by Urban Transportation Center of MOHURD and China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD). It is the official journal of Urban Transportation Planning Academic Committee (UTPAC) of Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC). Its main task is to communicate academic information about urban transportation development at home and abroad, reflect the latest scientific and technological development, and disseminate theoretical innovations and practical explorations in the discipline of urban transportation in China. Urban Transport of China has the following characteristics:

1) The research field is oriented to the urban transportation industry, and also involves urban planning, covering major theoretical and practical issues in the rapid development of urbanization and motorization.

2) The research subject focuses on urban traffic policy and planning, traffic management, infrastructure planning and design, policy and planning effect expectation and evaluation, etc.

3) Adhering to people-orientation and sustainable development, it aims at academic fields such as energy conservation and consumption reduction, air pollution reduction, rational allocation of land resources, improvement of road utilization, and representation of social fairness and justice.

4) The journal shows the professional characteristics of combining urban transportation planning and policy formulation for land, attaches importance to the study of the relationship between transportation and land, and fully reflects the concept of transportation-guided urban development.

5) It focuses on the major issues of China's urban transportation development, reflecting the latest theoretical exploration and practical application of transportation research on urban agglomerations, metropolitan areas, and cities of different scales and regions in the process of rapid urbanization and motorization in China.

In order to enhance the global cultural dissemination, Urban Transport of China started to issue digital publication in English since 2018. In commemoration of the 100th issue (Issue 1, 2021) of Urban Transport of China, these English papers which have been published are compiled into a book, Selected Papers from Urban Transport of China: 2018-2020. These papers are also included in CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) Journal Translation Project, a bilingual database of Chinese Academic Journals (

In the future, we will regularly publish English academic journals on the development of urban transportation in China. Global experts and scholars who are concerned about the development of urban transportation are also welcomed to disseminate the most advanced ideas, technologies and theoretical methods through the academic platform of Urban Transport of China.

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  February 2021


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