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UTC journal
Vol.18 No.5 Sep 2020
20200501-Resilience Management of Urban Public Transportation Under Public Health Emergencies

XU Jun
Shanghai Development Strategy Research Institute, Shanghai 200032, China

Abstract: Public health emergencies often have a huge impact on conventional urban traffic management strategies. With the requirements of dynamic response and control under public health emergencies, urban public transportation not only serves as the main field for pandemic prevention but also the safeguard of economic recovery. By discussing the possibility of introducing resilient urban governance into management of public transportation operation, this paper proposes to improve urban transportation governance in several aspects: objectives, method, subjects, techniques, etc. Finally, the paper puts forward a three-step governance framework including response strategies, system capabilities, and practical tools for resilient governance of urban public transportation so as to achieve rapid response to public health emergencies.

Keywords: public health emergencies; dynamic prevention and control; resilience governance; public transportation